Asbestos Management In Buildings

Regulation 4

As a direct result of Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2012 (CAR 2012), there is a requirement for facilities managers and owners of commercial properties to ‘manage’ the asbestos that has been identified as a result of asbestos surveys that have been carried out.

Property portfolios can have complex asbestos management problems and it is easy to overlook or miss areas that need remedial work.

With our experience Technicon can guide clients through their asbestos issues and make reasoned and commercial judgements in order to manage them correctly and equally as importantly, in a cost effective manner.


P405 certification

The crucial professional qualification is the P405 certification ‘Management of Asbestos in buildings’ which permits the holder to advise on the management of asbestos within commercial premises.

In addition to holding this qualification, Technicon have many years experience of asbestos removal and therefore approach the management of premises from a legal and practical aspect.

A proper practical management plan can be both cost effective and provide peace of mind to those who have legal responsibilities for commercial premises.

Checking for asbestos on roof
Checking asbestos pipe
Checking asbestos pipe
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